Baby Namings

Baby Namings

The arrival of a new baby is a time of joy and celebration. Many parents choose not to have a traditional church christening but still want to have a special celebration to welcome their child into the family. A baby naming ceremony offers the perfect alternative.

Baby naming ceremonies go back thousands of years to Roman and Greek times when it was believed that a child was not a member of the family until the celebrant, often the father, had named the child at a formal naming ceremony, and thus the ties of kinship were established.

A baby naming ceremony offers a beautiful alternative, giving you a chance to openly welcome and name your child and declare in front of your family and friends, your love and commitment to your child’s future. Each ceremony is unique and individually written for you personally. The ceremony can include readings, poems or music and you may also wish to write your own promises to your child. Prayers, hymns or blessings may be also included in the ceremony, but this is entirely down to your own choice.

If you have older children, you may like to include them in the ceremony as well. If they are old enough they may like to read a poem, sing a song or play an instrument. If they are too young to actually participate in the ceremony itself, then it may be that you simply add a few extra words to welcome the older child as a “big brother or sister”, and reaffirm your love and commitment to your older child/children at the same time. Most namings also include Guardians who are also asked to declare their promises to play a guiding role in your child’s future.

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Testimonials – Baby Namings

  • ‘When we received the draft of our Baby Naming Ceremony, we were so impressed with the work that Sue had put into it and it was a truly memorable day.’
    Katherine B

  • ‘I was really daunted about standing up to speak in front of everyone at our son's baby naming, but Sue made it all seem so easy and guided us through every step of the way, so that I relaxed completely and enjoyed every minute of our special day.’
    Richard, Haywards Heath